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Southern Lanes offers a wide variety of services outside of bowling.
Birthday Parties!


Planning a birthday party and need space? We would love for you to give us a call and schedule you a time and space for your loved ones to celebrate their special day!



We are competitive by nature, it is what drives us and makes the sport fun! So come see a list of possible leagues or give us a call and we can help set one up if you are interested in hosting a future league.

Business Parties


Sometimes we just need a break, what better way to reward your company than giving them a party at a bowling alley where they can relax and be rewarded for their hard work and efforts over the years!

Gender Reveal Parties


Have some special news you want to share with others? Give us a call and let us help you plan a gender reveal party with your family and friends so we can all celebrate together! SEE Gallery for photos and videos!

Family Reunion


We have a wonderful venue available to house a family reunion, large or small! Call and let us help set up a place where your family can get together and celebrate fellowship!

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